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Blue Flax

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Blue Flax is a perennial Native to the prairies, plains, and mountains of the western United States. The sky-blue five-petaled flower has medium green, finely divided leaves. Flowers only last a single day, but new flowers appear every day during the blooming season.

A planting of open habitat Blue Flax requires full sun. It grows robustly on soils ranging from alkaline to acidic as long as the soil is well-drained and dry. In a garden, it should not be watered excessively. Blue Flax attracts deer, antelope, and many bird species.

Growing Height: 12" to 30"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 12"

Seeds Per Pound: 285,000

Acre Rate: 5 lbs

Lbs per 1000sq feet:4 oz

Growing Region: West, Northwest, Southwest (Not including Central Texas, Eastern Texas, and Southern Texas), Midwest, Northeast

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