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Blue Grama, Alma

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Bouteloua gracilis
From Canada to Mexico, Blue Grama is a mainstay Native grass species. Nutritious in all stages of growth, Blue Grama always adds quality to any range mixture. No telling how many generations of Native Americans watched this grass blow in the wind. It is possible that many different animals from the Mastodon to the flying mammals of prehistoric times gained a portion of their sustenance from this wonderful range grass. Deep rooted and drought hardy, you can count on Blue Grama to help in your rangeland or re-vegetation needs.
Growing Height: 6 to 20"
Min Yearly Rainfall: 12"
Seeds Per Pound: 825000
Acre Rate: 15 lbs
Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 2 lbs
Growing Regions: West (not including Washington, Oregon, Western Idaho, Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Utah), Midwest, Southwest (not including Eastern half of Texas and Eastern Oklahoma)


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Growth: Upright

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Height: 18"+

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Planting: Summer

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Soil: Widely Adapted

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Traffic: High

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Water: Low Usage

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Weather: Warm Season

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