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Medicago sativa Want to improve your garden and produce higher yields of vegetables or flowers? Consider planting Alfalfa . This perennial legume is a nutritious plant that gives back by adding nitrogen into your soils and acts as a natural fertilizer. It also will aerate and improve your soil structure. It is often used as a food source for people, livestock, and wildlife. This seed is pre-inoculated with live Rhizobia to assure establishment and good growth. Fall Dormancy of this product is rated as 3, which is best adapted to the cooler temperatures at higher elevations in the West. Growing Height: 24-36" Min Yearly Rainfall: 15" Seeds Per Pound: 210,000 Acre Rate: 25 lbs. Lbs per 1000sq feet: 1 lb. Growing Regions: All

Growth: Upright

Height: 18"+

Planting: Spring

Planting: Fall

Soil: Widely Adapted

Traffic: High

Water: Medium Usage

Weather: Warm Season

Weather: Cool Season

Flower Color: Purple

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