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Equestrian Mix - Pasture Grass Mixture

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Our Equestrian Mix of pasture grass seeds uses a combination of cool-season grasses and legumes for a long lived, permanent pasture suited for continuous or cell grazing under a wide range of growing conditions. This mix combines the use of the highest quality plants available, including and balancing such criteria as production, palatability, and nutritive value. Once established, Equestrian Mix comes early in the Spring and is normally ready for livestock before other pastures. Equestrian Mix is an ideal hay crop of an unusually high quality, with very little maintenance or fertilization needs. Ingredients: Orchardgrass, Smooth Bromegrass, Timothy, Perennial Ryegrass, Alfalfa, White Clover Min Yearly Rainfall: 18-22" Seeds Per Pound: 459,500 Acre Rate: 25 - 30 lbs Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 5 lbs Growing regions: All

Growth: Sod Forming

Height: 12-18"

Planting: Fall

Soil: Widely Adapted

Traffic: Medium

Water: High Usage

Weather: Cool Season

Min. Precipitation: 24"+


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