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Homesteader's Choice - Native Grass Mixture

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This group of grasses can be found throughout the short grass prairies that range from Canada to the Mexican Border States. Antelope, Elk and many other herbivores of the Great Plains have found their sustenance in the green forage of the summer and the sweet and well-cured forage of winter. For this reason these native grass seeds were the Homesteader's Choice when it came to range species. Plant as a pasture or forage grass or as a re-vegetation base in any low input Western range setting. Ingredients: Blue Grama, Buffalograss, Sideoats Grama, Western Wheatgrass, Sand Dropseed.

Seeds Per Pound: 582,280

Acre Rate: 20 to 30 lbs

Lbs per 1000sq feet: 2 lb

Growth: Sod Forming

Height: 12-18"

Planting: Summer

Planting: Fall

Soil: Widely Adapted

Traffic: Medium

Water: Low Usage

Weather: Warm Season

Min. Precipitation: 12-18"


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