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Austrian Winter Pea

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Pisum sativum Austrian Winter Pea is closely related to garden peas. It is a legume that will grow through the Winter months, when other plants are hurt by mild cold. It produces a heavy vine growth that will decay quickly when plowed under. It is best used as a green manure to improve the fertility, organic content and structure of the soil, to prepare for the next crop (such as vegetables). Austrian Winter Pea is an excellent Winter erosion control crop, and will attract beneficial insects. It is also widely used as a food plot for wildlife (deer and turkey). Austrian Winter Pea can be successfully grown fall-seeded or it can be planted in Spring as a Summer annual. Growing Height: 3-5' Min Yearly Rainfall: 20" Seeds Per Pound: 1,600 Acre Rate: 75-150 lbs Lbs per 1000sq feet: 3 lbs.

Growth: Upright

Height: 12-18"

Planting: Fall

Soil: Loamy

Traffic: Medium

Water: Medium Usage

Weather: Cool Season

Flower Color: Pink

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