arizona fescue
arizona fescue

Arizona Fescue, Redondo

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Arizona Fescue, Redondo is a drought-tolerant perennial bunchgrass that thrives in high-elevation evergreen forests and meadows throughout the Rocky Mountain Range. This cool-season variety produces a coarse, dense fibrous root system and grows best in thin soils with semi-shade and low levels of water and fertility.

Arizona Fescue is useful for controlling soil erosion and improving rangelands. As a relatively short plant, standing about 2 feet tall, Arizona Fescue has thin stems, yellow flowers that bloom in the spring, and bright green leaves for wildlife in the summer.

The variety Redondo was selected for exceptional seedling vigor and is an excellent reclamation option throughout the Westwood early yields. This variety should be used where early maturity is needed and as a single species for hay. Arizona Fescue requires a minimum of 150 frost-free days to grow successfully.  

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