Hard Fescue
hard fescue

Hard Fescue

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Hard Fescue is a cool-season, perennial bunch grass. It is used in shady lawn mixes and as a cover crop for native grasses and forbs. It is more drought tolerant than other sod-forming cool-season grasses and works well in erosion control mixes for slope stabilization, roadsides, ditch banks, etc.

It is best adapted to Northern or Mountain areas. Hard Fescue has a blue-green color, is the only fescue that is salt tolerant, and can not be mown as low as many other lawn grasses. In fact, Hard Fescue is best as a low-maintenance grass with very little mowing or fertilization. It can be seeded in the spring or fall.

Seeds Per Pound: 565,000

Acre Rate: 18 lb

Lbs per 1000sq feet: 4-5 lbs

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