White Dutch Clover
White Dutch Clover
White Dutch Clover

White Dutch Clover

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White Clover was introduced from Eurasia and naturalized in moist areas throughout the United States. White Dutch Clover is used as a pasture legume and is used to stabilize disturbed, eroding soil. A nitrogen producer, White Dutch Clover grows well in mixtures with other grasses, including Orchardgrass, Ryegrass, or Tall Fescue.

Planting should be done in spring or late fall in cool climates and late summer in warm and southern climates. White Dutch Clover thrives in clay to silt-loam soils but can do well in sandy soil if irrigation is available. Picture provided by: Larry Allain @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Growing Height: 6"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 35"

Seeds Per Pound: 85000

Acre Rate: 15-20 lbs.

Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 1 lb.

Growing Region: All

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