Sideoats Grama, Niñeros

Sideoats Grama, Niner

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Sideoats Grama is a sod-forming perennial, warm season, Native grass with 2-3 ft. stems in erect, wiry clumps. Its name comes from distinctive oat-like seed spikes which hang from one side of its flowering stems. These seed spikes are purplish, bleaching to a tan color in the fall. The foliage turns interesting shades of purple, orange, brown and red.

Sideoats Grama grows commonly in a wide range from southern Canada to Argentina, in sunny upland areas, open brush, forest openings, rocky slopes, and dry prairies. It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, from well-drained sandy soils to heavy clays, and is quite drought tolerant and persistent, with fibrous roots and short rhizomes. Sideoats Grama is the state grass of Texas and mixes well in plantings with spring wildflowers because of its medium height. However, it doesn't compete well with very tall grasses.

It is an attractive grass, good for wildflower meadows, prairie restorations, and garden accents. It provides good grazing feed for wildlife, and birds love the ripe seeds and use the foliage as nesting material and cover. Sideoats Grama can easily be grown from seed and will self-seed in the garden in optimum growing conditions. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter to allow seedlings room to grow. The variety 'Niner,' originated from Western areas of the US Southwest.

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