Sand Lovegrass
Sand Lovegrass

Lovegrass, Sand

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Sand Lovegrass is a warm-season, perennial bunchgrass native to North America. It has a strongly tufted growth and a deep, dense root system and is most common in sandy soils of the prairies and open areas in the central and southern Great Plains. It is a heat and drought-tolerant perennial, easily grown in well-drained soil in full sun.

The seed heads have a purple/pink cast to them, and the narrow, dark green leaves rise in long tufts and bend sharply at the top. The stalks are heavy and may fall down unless the plant is supported with stakes.

Sand Lovegrass provides excellent forage for livestock and is sometimes called "ice cream grass" because of its high palatability. It is a 'must have' in erosion control mixes for sandy areas and is very suitable for ornamental xeriscaping, as a border, or in a natural garden or meadow. It can be planted individually or in groups.

Sand Lovegrass has good seedling vigor and quick establishment, even in low-fertility soils. Cut the plant back to the ground in early Spring before new growth appears The leaves turn bronze in the Fall, giving it continued visual interest well into the Winter.

Growing Height: 1-12 inches Seeds Per Pound: 1,300,000 Acre Rate: 1.5- 2 lbs

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