Jose Tall Wheatgrass
Jose Tall Wheatgrass

Jose Tall Wheatgrass

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Jose Tall Wheatgrass is a high-yielding wheatgrass that produces palatable forages commonly used for hay and grazing. Although this tall wheatgrass prefers well-drained soil, it exhibits a unique tolerance to alkaline or saline soils where other crops do not.

This seed variety is often seeded alone. However, it can be planted successfully with legumes. Irrigation is needed for a successful establishment and a long growing season. Other uses for Jose Tall Wheatgrass may include seeding for windbreaks, erosion control, or wildlife cove. 

Growing Height: 24 to 36" Min Yearly Rainfall: 18" Seeds Per Pound: 79,000 Acre Rate: 25 lbs Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 2 lbsGrowing Regions: Southwest (Not including Eastern Texas, Western Arizona, and Southwestern New Mexico), Great Plains

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