Pubescent Wheatgrass
Pubescent Wheatgrass
Pubescent Wheatgrass

Pubescent Wheatgrass

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Pubescent Wheatgrass is similar to intermediate wheatgrass, but is distinguishable by short, stiff hairs, on the seed heads and seeds. This wheatgrass variety is more drought-tolerant and winter hardy than intermediate wheatgrass and can remain green during the summer months making it useful as both a hay and pasture crop. Due to its spread by rhizomes, pubescent wheatgrass is well adapted to stabilize disturbed soils. Pubescent Wheatgrass is adapted to a wide range of conditions and soils, particularly to loamy to sandy soils.

Height: 30-48"

Min Precipitation: 18-24"

Seeds Per Pound:95,000

Acre Rate: 7-10

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