Green Sprangletop
Green Sprangletop

Green Sprangletop

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Green Sprangletop is an erect perennial native bunchgrass. The leaves, while not abundant, are wide, generally flat, and fairly long. This grass is not considered long-lived but, under favorable conditions, maintains itself well by re-seeding. It is widely distributed throughout the Southern desert, mostly confined to rocky, gravelly, and broken terrain. It is never a dominant portion of the composition. It offers good grazing to all classes of livestock and is especially relished while green and succulent.

Green Sprangletop can be used in range seeding mixtures but mainly on shallow, rocky sites. It establishes quickly and provides some soil cover and protection to other species that are slower to establish.

Growing Height: 12 to 36"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 11"

Seeds Per Pound: 538,000

Acre Rate: 8 lbs

Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 0.5 lb

Growing Regions: Lower West and Southwest

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