desert willow
desert willow
desert willow
desert willow

Desert Willow

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This Desert Willow is a deciduous small tree often used for native landscaping. Often confused as a member of the Willow family due to its long narrow leaves, the Desert Willow is in the same family as the trumpet vine.

This Southwestern Native tree will bloom in the late spring to fall, producing beautiful flowers. Blooms occur in clusters at the tips of branches and new wood. As a result, this plant responds well to pruning. Drought tolerance is one of the wonderful characteristics of the Desert Willow. However, this tree does not respond well to over-watering. Flowers can range from white to dark pink or bi-colored.

Growing Height: 240 - 360"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 6"

Seeds Per Pound: 75,000

Growing Regions: Southern California, Southwest (NorthernArizona, Northern New Mexico, Texas Panhandle, Central Texas, Southern Texas, Eastern Texas, and Oklahoma)

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