desert marigold
desert marigold

Desert Marigold



Native to the Southwest Deserts and Mexico, Desert Marigold is an annual or short-lived perennial. This Native Wildflower generally can grow from 12 to 24 inches with leaves and stems that are woolly and grayish in color.

Commonly found growing along roadsides, rocky slopes, gravelly areas, plains, or mesas, Desert Marigold requires well-drained soil that is low in organic matter. Blooming profusely all summer, this flower will die with the first heavy frost. Fallen seeds can replant themselves when the bare seed is allowed to fall upon the ground.

Desert Marigold is not shade tolerant and can be poisonous to sheep and goats if allowed to graze on the flower. The yellow flower is very attractive to bees and butterflies.

Growing Height: 12" to 24"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 6"

Seeds Per Pound: 1060000

Acre Rate: 5 lbs

Lbs per 1000sq feet:4 oz

Growing Region: Southwest, California

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