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Buffalograss, Texoka

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Buchloe dactyloides
Buffalograss is our most well-known Native grass and is used for turf, range seedings and erosion control. Buffalograss is not aggressive and can be easily controlled or removed. Buffalograss starts slow the first year and usually takes a least 2 full years to grow in and establish. Even with only one plant per square foot, the sod will eventually fill-out and establish successfully. For quicker and dense lawns, it is best planted on soil which has been prepared (smooth, fine, weed free) as much as possible.
Texoka is the old 'stand by' forage-type Buffalograss, but it still serves its purpose well even as it gives way to the new turf types. Where color and density are not the major concerns, Texoka offers an economical choice for a low-maintenance cover. Its hardiness under adverse conditions makes this a long-lived plant for a short-grass prairie setting.
All of our Buffalograss has been 'primed' to ensure faster and more uniform germination and establishment. This process breaks the natural dormancy of the seed and ensures that the seed starts growing more quickly when planted.

Seeds Per Pound: 40,000

Acre Rate: 20 lbs

Lbs per 1000sq feet: 2-4 lbs


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Growth: Sod Forming

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Height: 0-6"

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Planting: Summer

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Soil: Widely Adapted

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Traffic: High

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Water: Low Usage

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Weather: Warm Season

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Non-Bunch Grass

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