Texas Bluebonnet
Texas Bluebonnet
Texas Bluebonnet
Texas Bluebonnet

Texas Bluebonnet

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Texas Bluebonnet or Texas Lupine is a very showy, drought-tolerant annual wildflower with light-green, velvety stems, topped by clusters of up to 50 fragrant, blue, pea-like flowers.

It is the state flower of Texas and is planted along thousands of miles of roadside here and elsewhere, forming oceans of blue in spring. Planted in the fall, they rapidly grow larger by the spring before sending up a 8-15 inch tall plume of blue flowers with white tips.

Texas Bluebonnet needs well-drained soils and full sun; they cannot tolerate poorly drained, clay-based soils. Seed planted in poorly drained soils will germinate, but plants will never fully develop. The natural habitats are prairies, open fields, and hillsides.

It is often used in wildflower meadows, flower gardens, or hanging baskets. It provides nectar for bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Warning: Plants in the Lupine family, especially the seeds but all plant parts, can be toxic to humans and animals if ingested. Keep children and pets away from this plant, and be careful after handling any plant part.

Seeds Per Pound: 16,000

Acre Rate: 5 lbs

Lbs per 1000 sq feet:4 oz

Growing Region: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida

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