Shorty Blend, Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue, Shorty Blend

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Our 'Shorty' Brand Tall Fescue lawn grass seeds were developed to save conscientious turf managers time, money, and clippings. This blend consists of the newest, most improved dwarf tall fescues. The components of 'Shorty' all contribute to its dark blue-green color, heat, drought, shade, and insect tolerance. 'Shorty' has made inroads into areas where tall fescue has not traditionally been adapted.

Uses of this blend include sod production, home lawns, athletic fields, parks, golf course roughs, industrial campuses, roadside enhancement, airstrips, and campsites.
Seeds Per Pound: 227,000 Acre Rate:430 lbs Lbs per 1000 sq feet:10 lb Growing Regions: All (Not including Southern California, Western Arizona, Western Texas, Southern half of Texas, and Florida)

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