Rubber Rabbitbrush

Rubber Rabbitbrush

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Rubber Rabbitbrush, also commonly called Chamisa in the High Desert, is a perennial deciduous Native shrub with aromatic, blue-green-grey, feathery foliage in summer and dense clusters of bright yellow flowers in early fall. It grows well in semi-shade and prefers medium levels of water and low fertility. This plant requires a minimum of 150 frost-free days to grow and needs cool temperatures in the summer.

Though it is good for stabilizing open waste places, it is not considered a rangeland type as wildlife and cattle tend not to touch it. This attractive drought-tolerant shrub can thrive beautifully in a landscaped garden or be at home in natural environments. Many roadsides and natural higher elevation open areas are dotted with these soft, mounded summer green shrubs from 4-7 feet in height, which explode into bright yellow flowers in the fall. In the High Desert, Chamisa is an indicator of the coming fall and becomes a major component of the color palette. Its pungent flowers give way to fluffy seed heads.

Rubber Rabbitbrush can be pruned strongly before each spring. Seeds can be sown anytime; it will take 2-3 years to fully establish as a shrub.
Growing Height: 24 to 84" Min Yearly Rainfall: 6" Seeds Per Pound: 400,000 Growing Region: Northwest, West, Southwest (not including Central and Eastern Texas)

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