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Curtis & Curtis Seed is a part of the movement to provide native plants and seeds to restore natural cover to disturbed lands.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

Product Overview

How Our Products Help

You have a wide variety of seeds to choose from when you shop with Curtis & Curtis. Our goal is to see the native plants and seeds we harvest used to restore natural cover and leave the Earth looking better than when we found it.

Trying several seed options with no results is frustrating. But the problem could be the seed or the growing environment. The experts at Curtis & Curtis are here to give you our recommendations to keep your land producing and looking better than you could’ve hoped.

We also market small grains, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, and triticale, as well as turf seeds for golf courses, home lawns and industrial sites.

Turfgrass Services

Turf & Native Grasses

To Thrive

Turfgrass is any kind of grass grown to form a turf, or highly-manicured lawn spaces or sports fields. Turfgrasses offer a uniformed look, can withstand traffic and low mowing heights. Curtis & Curtis pays special attention to the seed's ability to thrive and mature in our unique climate.

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Small grains Services

Small Grains

Highest Quality

Small grains are valuable in the development of year-round forage systems. Grazing small grains is a common practice in the fall, winter and early spring where the climate is favorable. Most of the small grains are cool season annuals. Fall-seeded small grains are suited to a wide range of soils and cropping conditions. However, they vary in their soil suitability and adaptability.

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Wildflowers Services


Something For Everyone

When planting wildflowers, there are two times of the year that are the most ideal: from the first of March through the end of May, or from the first of October through the middle of November. Fall plantings will usually go dormant through the winter and germinate in the spring.

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Shrubs And Forbs Services

Shrubs & Forbs

The Beauty of Nature

Shrubs are important components of both rural and urban areas. They provide beauty, diversity, wind protection, privacy, homes for wildlife and even a source of human food.

Backyards, gardens, shelter belts, woodlots, wildlife areas, and fence rows are among the areas that could benefit from shrub plantings. Species selection and planting designs vary with the landowner's tastes and objectives.

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Custom Blends Services

Custom Blends

To Suite Your Needs

If your business or home requires amazing quality products at an unbeatable market price, you’ve come to the right place. Curtis & Curtis Seed offers incredible service and products to the community of Clovis and is happy to do the same for you. Give us a call to see what’s in stock and make your order.

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Legumes Services


Quality Products

Legumes are plants with flowers like the sweet pea and produce their seeds in pods. Compared to grasses which have long slender leaves, legumes have compound leaves with three or more broad, rounded leaflets. Most legumes have tap roots which are able to obtain water from deeper in the soil than the roots of grasses.

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How Our Seeds Are Different

Our philosophy at Curtis & Curtis Seed is to replenish the earth with Mother Nature's products. We harvest high quality seeds with your specific area in mind. It doesn't end there, though. Curtis & Curtis Seed provides you with instructions and advice specific to our region.

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