Plains Coreopsis
Plains Coreopsis
Plains Coreopsis

Plains Coreopsis

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Plains coreopsis is an airy plant with soft, fern-like foliage. This annual wildflower is common throughout the U.S. Also known as calliopsis, this plant prefers sandy or well-drained soils and, once established, can reseed itself.

This is a widely cultivated species that is included in many wildflower mixtures. Flowers can range from yellow to yellow with maroon centers to all maroon flowers, with variations in between. A prolific bloomer, Plains coreopsis is a wonderful addition to any landscape and makes a good cut flower.
Growing Height: 18" to 36" Min Yearly Rainfall: 8" Seeds Per Pound: 1,400,000 Acre Rate: 5 lbs Lbs per 1000sq feet: 4 oz

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