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We're More Than Just a Seed Warehouse

With over 60 years of industry experience, our seed warehouse is equipped with a knowledgeable team and expansive network to locate virtually any product available on the global market. We supply the highest quality seed, from native grass to cover crops for your residential, recreational, agricultural, or government agency projects. We specialize in it all– from irrigated pastures, range reseeding, mine reclamation, and recovery seeding for highway, pipeline, and highline right-of-ways. Need turf seeds for golf courses, home lawn and garden seeds, or seeds for reclamation and industrial sites? We can help with that too!

Our selection of grain sorghums are high producing, drought resistant, insect tolerant varieties that meet the Curtis and Curtis Seed’s standard of excellence. In addition, we also market small grains, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, and triticale throughout the southwest and countries with similar climates.

Are you having problems back at the farm? We are pleased to offer personalized consulting for the questions and concerns you may have. Whether you're unsure which blend will work best in your lawn, want to learn more about your seed time zone, or you're concerned with your grass stand, we're eager to help as your partners in the seed industry. For your residential, commercial, and industrial cultivation complications, call Curtis & Curtis for your high quality grass seeds!

We're more than a seed warehouse, we're cultivation experts!



Highways & Right-of-Ways


Municipalities & Government Agencies


Natural Resource Reclamation

grass Pasture

Grass Pasture

Home and Sports Turf

Home and Sports Turf

Erosion Control Products

Erosion Control Products


Balloon Fiesta Park

Every October, thousands of tourists and adventurers flock to the inviting green lawns of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Balloon Fiesta Park is utilized year-round for concerts, bicycle races, golf practice, weddings, and more. Our expert consultants designed this seed and turf plan with careful consideration, and will do the same to ensure your project flourishes! No matter the scale, when you sow Curtis and Curtis seeds, you'll reap the benefits.

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The Seed You Need

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We also offer custom blends at no extra cost. If you aren't sure what your seed need is, contact Curtis & Curtis today for a cultivation consultation.

Lush Green Grasses

Lush Green Grasses

Turf Grasses

Turf grass seed varieties for premium, low input and economical turf grass seed applications.

Native Grasses

Accurate and precise planting for your native grass pastures with free local site inspections and quotes.

Beauty of Nature

Beauty of Nature


"Consider how the wild flowers grow." (Luke 12:27) Perfect for spring or fall planting.

Shrubs & Forbs

Provides beauty, diversity, wind protection, privacy, nourishment, and homes for wildlife.


Plants that naturally put nitrogen into the soil.

High Quality Grains

High-Quality Grains

Small Grains

Small grains are valuable in the development of year-round forage systems.


We offer a variety of high-yielding field crop seeds to fit a variety of farming and agricultural needs.

Featured Products

Featured Products


Growing More Than Seed

Curtis and Curtis Seed Company was established in 1956 to supply native grass seeds for a rapidly expanding market in the southwestern United States. Owned and operated by the Curtis family for 32 years, the company was acquired by the Genesis Corporation in the latter part of 1989, but still managed by the Curtis family until they reclaimed it in 1994. Our business has a market that covers many parts of the world, and an expanded product line to meet the needs of that market. We can find virtually any product available in the seed trade.

Not only do we provide the highest quality seed products on the market, our consultants are here to help you solve all of your cultivation complications!

We offer the best selection in the market and our consultants give you the support and advice you need to grow your business, highly-manicured lawn, or sports field.

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