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Galleta is a Native, warm-season, rhizomatous perennial grass tolerant of arid environments in the Great Basin, on well-drained, sandy-gravelly slopes and adjacent to salt deserts up to 7,500 feet.

This plant requires a minimum of 130 frost-free days to grow successfully and grows up to 2 feet high. It is often a dominant species throughout its range. It starts growth early in the Spring and will mature in early Summer and again in early Fall when moisture is available. The leaves are green in Summer, and although not preferred, all classes of livestock may feed on Galleta when it is dry. They typically feed on the central portions of the tufts, leaving coarser growth around the edges.

Its vegetative spread rate is slow, and seed production, as well as viability and germination, are poor. Seedling emergence is directly associated with late Spring to early Summer rains, with a common growing season from May to September. Once established, it is a good surface erosion control stabilizer and is excellent for rangeland rehabilitation, requiring little or no maintenance.

The 'Viva' variety of James' Galleta was selected in North-Central New Mexico for improved seed production and seedling vigor. It is best known for the tough woody rootstock it develops, as an exceptional soil binder, for how it resists trampling and heavy grazing, and is very drought tolerant, surviving in areas with only 8 inches of annual precipitation.

Growing Height: 12 to 24"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 8"

Seeds Per Pound: 159,000

Acre Rate: 12 lbs

Lbs per 1000sq feet: 2 lbs

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