Four Wing Saltbush
four wing saltbush
four wing saltbush
Four Wing Saltbush

Four Wing Saltbush

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Four Wing Saltbush, often called "Chamiza," is a grayish-white, freely branched Southwest Native shrub that has winged seeds. It characteristically inhabits dry, moderately saline, or alkaline soils of drainage ditches and foothill regions. It is frequently the dominant species over extensive areas and grows best on soils of a basic or calcareous nature.

Sheep and goats readily graze on this native species. Cattle and horses find the plant nutritious and usually graze on this plant throughout the winter months. Wildlife, such as deer, will feed upon this plant, especially during the winter. Quail uses Four-Wing Saltbush as a cover, a place to roost, and as a food source. As a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant species, Four-Wing Saltbush is an excellent choice for native landscaping.

*Not to be confused with Rubber Rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa or Chrysothamnus nauseosus) which has yellow flowers and is often called Chamisa in the Southwest. The name origin of both plants is the old Spanish word 'chamiza', which means brushwood.
Picture Provided By: Loren St. John @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Growing Height: 24 to 72"

Min Yearly Rainfall: 8 to 12"

Seeds Per Pound: 52,000

Acre Rate: 16

Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 0.5 lbs

Growing Region: Northwest (not including Western Washington and Western Oregon), West (not including Northern California), Southwest (Not including East half of Texas and Oklahoma)

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