Annuals vs. Perennials

Sep 25th 2017

When it comes to flowers, you’ve heard the terms “annual” and “perennial”—but do you know what they mean? These two flower types need different kinds of care and different strategies, and behave quite differently in your landscape. Plus, they’re technically not the only two flower types outs there.

In this blog, we’ll settle the score on annuals, perennials, and biennials (yes, biennials) and outline their botanical properties and behaviors so you can make the right flower choices for your residential or commercial space. The more you know about these flower types, the healthier and more beautiful your flowers will be!

All About Annuals

Annuals are on a one-year (or one growing season) cycle—they go through their entire life cycle from seeding to flowering to seeding with a single growing season. That means every part of the flower, from stem to root to flow to leaf, dies annually.

There are plenty of benefits to growing annuals over perennials. First, annuals provide an instant boost to your yard’s overall look, as they take much less time to grow and are usually more colorful than their perennial counterparts. Annuals also require no dividing or pruning of any kind, and they’re a bit cheaper than perennials. Makes having a garden much easier to manage and enjoy!

Perennials: The Permanent Plants

Perennials persist for years and years in your yard. Commonly, the top part of the perennial dies each winter and comes back in the spring through the same root system. Some perennials even keep their tops and their leaves year-round in the right conditions.

Perennials do require a bit more maintenance at first, but the time it takes for them to develop a strong root system will ensures they’ll be healthy and stable for years to come. Once your perennials establish themselves, you don’t have to worry about them. Because of their strong root systems and structure, perennials are a bit tougher than perennials—and while there might not be as many bright and vibrant colors in the perennial family, there are still many colors, shapes, and varieties to choose from.

Biennials: Bang For Your Buck

Biennials are essentially long-lasting annuals. These flowers take two years to go through their life cycle. Flowering occurs early in the second season, at the end of the second season, the entire plant usually dies.

Biennials are great at withstanding cold weather and frost, and they self sow prolifically so you never have to worry about replanting. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful colors and flower shapes at your gardening disposal.

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