3 Leaf Sumac is a warm-season shrub with excellent winter hardiness & drought tolerance, growing up to 7 feet.
3 Leaf Sumac leaves
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3 Leaf Sumac

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3 Leaf Sumac is a powerful shrub of the High Plains, tolerant of poor soils and drought. It is a Western Native deciduous shrub, which grows from 4 to 7 feet tall and just as wide. It does well in very cold and very hot temperatures from -30 to 100 degrees and grows naturally in higher elevations above 3,000 feet. Because of its strong root development, it is also excellent for erosion control.

3 Leaf Sumac establishes fully within a few years and grows about one foot per year afterward, with very little care or pruning needed. When planted as a hedge, it can form a very dense thicket. It blooms in the spring with small yellowish flowers turning into small red berries which attract ground birds. In late September, the leaves turn bright yellow, orange, and red.

The best time to plant 3 Leaf Sumac is in the fall, but plant well before the first frost.

Growing Height: 4-7'

Min Yearly Rainfall: 7"

Seeds Per Pound: 20,000

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