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  • Grasses

    We offer turf and native grasses that thrive and mature in our unique climate.

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    Providing beauty, diversity, wind protection and privacy. These plants are versatile for any design project.

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  • Wildflowers

    When it comes to wildflowers, we have something for all tastes and various applications.

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  • Legumes

    High-quality legumes perfect for additional nitrogen, backyard gardens, and cover crops alike.

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At Curtis and Curtis, we source and process the highest quality grass seeds for your lawn that not only meet industry standards, but exceed your greatest expectations. See detailed product descriptions to find the right seed blend for your home based on shade or sun exposure, frequency of watering, and lawn care preferences. We offer a variety of turf and native grasses to ensure you see a visual difference in your lawn. 

Order your lawn grass seed online to experience timely shipping and delivery to get started on growing the lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of!