bowie buffalograss
bowie buffalograss

Buffalograss, Bowie

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Buffalograss are native grass seeds known for low water usage, winter hardiness, and low vertical growth habit. Developed specifically for turf quality, Bowie possesses a medium green color, fine leaf texture, good turf density, and low growth habit.

All of these characteristics give Bowie a wide range of uses, including golf courses, residential lawns, erosion control, and large acreages. This certified turf grass should be planted in sites that allow sunlight for 6-8 hours per day, in any soil type except sand, and in a well-drained area.

Buffalograss is very low maintenance once established. It is exceptional for Southwest and Central U.S. Lawns. All of our Buffalograss has been 'primed' to ensure faster and more uniform germination and establishment. This process breaks the natural dormancy of the seed and ensures that the seed starts growing more quickly when planted.

Seeds Per Pound: 440,000

Acre Rate: 66 lbs

Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 3 lb

Growing Regions: West (not including Northern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Northern Montana), Mid-Atlantic

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