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Bermudagrass, Sahara II

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Cynodon dactylon
Sahara Bermudagrass II is very drought tolerant, with excellent durability, dark green color, fine texture and low growing. Sahara Bermudagrass is recommend to use on your home lawn, golf course, sports turf, park or playground. If you are looking for a drought tolerant, easy to care for lawn, then Sahara Bermudagrass is an excellent choice. Sahara has also shown to work great in pasture blends with Giant Bermudagrass.

Seeds Per Pound: 2,000,000

Acre Rate: 90 lbs (Turf), 25 lbs (Pasture)

Lbs per 1000 sq feet: 3 lbs

Growing Regions:Southern California, Southwest (not including Northern Arizona, Northern New mexico, and Northern Texas Panhandle), Lower Southeast

Growth: Sod Forming

Height: 0-6"

Planting: Summer

Soil: Widely Adapted

Traffic: High

Water: Low Usage

Weather: Warm Season

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