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The Curtis & Curtis Seed story is simple: we bring life to your soil. Spoiler alert: we aren't afraid of the hard and dirty work.

Leaving the Land

Better Than We Found It

Curtis & Curtis Seed is a family-owned business. Since 1956, we've filled a growing need for native grass seed. Today, we are an industry-leader on the cutting edge of technology specializing in native seeds, lawn grass, wildflowers, and small grains.

We can handle all sizes of seed needs for any type of circumstance, and pride ourselves in introducing many rare native species to the industry, bringing life to the soil where many others cannot.

See it and believe it

See It And Believe It

Unlike many products, our products will leave you with a visual difference. If you are a "have to see it to believe it" kind of person, you will love our seeds.

We can locate virtually any product available on the global market. We supply native grass seeds and legumes needed for irrigated pastures, range reseeding, mine reclamation and reclamation seeding for highway, pipeline and highline right-of-ways for government agencies. We also specialize in turf seeds for golf courses, home lawns and industrial sites.

Our grain sorghums are high-producing, drought resistant, and insect tolerant varieties of the highest quality. We also market small grains, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, and triticale throughout the Southwest and countries with climates similar to the southwestern United States.

When Our Clients Succeed, We Succeed

We are also pleased to offer personalized consulting. Your problem is our problem; we want to find a solution that will benefit you and your goals.

This "success" is not just in a successful sale for us, but also in a strengthened partnership with you, earning your trust, and the rehabilitation of soils.

If Seeing Is Believing,

We're Ready To Prove It.

Contact us today to find out how you can improve your tired soils.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

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